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My name is Tim and i want to talk to you about humidity in your basement. Have you Bad smellever walked into your basement and smelled that gross musty smell? I have, and a dehumidifier will take care of that problem. The moisture in your basement will make it smell like a cave and could potentially cause mold growth. A dehumidifier will pull that moisture out of the air and you simply empty the tank of water into a drain or get a dehumidifier that has an attachment for a hose where you hook up a hose and place the other end next to a floor drain and it will automatically empty itself. A dehumidifier will make your basement more comfortable and wont give mold a chance to grow and also smell a lot better. I will also give you tips on removing mold and talk about the health risks of Radon Gas

I wrote this article to give awareness to people that a humid basement can cause mold growth which will create bad air quality that you breath and can potentially make you sick. I also want you to be aware of Radon Gas and the risk of getting lung cancer.


My goal is to give you the best options to keep your household healthy.

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Todd Pelan

Hi Tim. Great site. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for visiting my site Todd. If you have any questions I’d be happy to help.


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